Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

tl;dr – Welcome to my journey. This should be an interesting ride.

First, a little background about myself I guess. My name is Cory I am a Software Developer, not a professional writer. You can call me that or Carte (silent e). You can normally find me online as carte, corycarte, or seejaysea. Currently, I am a senior in the Computer Science program at Florida State University. I also currently work as a C# engineer as well as a Full Stack Developer. My professional web development background is a WAMP stack. Windows Server 2016, Apache 2, MySQL, and PHP with the CakePHP framework. In my free time, I am learning more about designed-focused technologies. This includes web development with ReactJS and Angular as well as illustration and photography.

I am making this blog primarily as a learning exercise for myself. I am taking care of the server, domain registration, software installation, and any required upgrades myself (with the help of the Google Cloud Platform’s Compute Engine to actually run the server). Right now, I am making it a little easier on myself for now by running WordPress as the CMS.

I wasn’t sure what kind of blog I wanted to make. I have seen a lot of “Person does X for Y days” videos and posts throughout the last few years and even though I think they are interesting, That isn’t what I want to do here. I am going to use this as a place to catalog learning and my experiences. Kind of like an online journal for everyone to see. I am not a journalist, I won’t write articles or help files here. Some things might be of use, some things may show another person that their frustration isn’t isolated.

Either way, this won’t be a “I learn x in 30 days” type blog. I want this to be more along the lines of “here are my thoughts while I learned x” I am sure I will do things to challenge myself along the way. That is the only way growth occurs. I do think that what I do and write here will be more of a catalog of my pursued interests. And according to Bob Ross “Talent is a pursued interest”. That quote stuck with me. As a kid, I wanted to be an animator (yes, learning animation will more than likely be an upcoming topic) for Pixar. I spent countless hours drawing and learning how animation works by making flip books for myself. I remember people talking about how talented I was at drawing. I stopped drawing around 15/16 (long story) and recently have started back at practicing drawing. I know for sure now that I didn’t have some unnatural talent. I practiced a lot.

Now as a 30 year old developer, I am learning more about various development techniques. I have slowly been able to spend more time on projects that grow in complexity as I improve. Six years ago when I started going to college for Computer Science, I couldn’t do 90% of the stuff I can now. The keys seem really simple when you think about it. Step one: be interested in what you want to pursue. Step Two: start small, as you master the basics, ramp up the complexity. There is a reason that if you learn a second language you normally start with the basics you learned as a kid and not attempting to match the grammar of someone that has been speaking the language from childhood.