About this site

My name is Cory I am a Software Developer, not a professional writer.. You can normally find me online as carte, corycarte, or seejaysea. Currently, I currently work as a .NET engineer / Full Stack Developer.

My Journey so far

I started my career working with PHP and the CakePHP framework. I was in that position for almost two years and since then I have moved onto a .NET focused web development role with ReactJS as the frontend.

I am making this site primarily as a learning exercise for myself. I wasn’t sure what kind of blog I wanted to make. I have seen a lot of “Person does X for Y days” videos and posts throughout the last few years and even though I think they are interesting, That isn’t what I want to do here. I am going to use this as a place to catalog learning and my experiences. Kind of like an online journal for everyone to see. I am not a journalist, I won’t write articles or help files here. Some things might be of use, some things may show another person that their frustration isn’t isolated.  I want this to be more along the lines of “here are my thoughts while I learned x” I am sure I will do things to challenge myself along the way. That is the only way growth occurs. I do think that what I do and write here will be more of a catalog of my pursued interests. And according to Bob Ross “Talent is a pursued interest”. That quote stuck with me.